Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of files or images will be accepted for job completion?
    We need a clear image as far as possible along with the colour separation. Clearer the art work, more accurate will be the final file and result. Rough hand sketches will NOT be accepted as the same is very difficult to replicate accurately and colour separation is a challenge. In case, if you still want it done, we can do it for you on a subjective price and timelines since such artworks are tough to replicate and require more time to create.
  • How do I order?
    (For vector / artwork jobs)
    Simply email us your file for artwork jobs along with clear instructions and requirements viz.

    1. Your realistic budget and timeline in which you want us to finish the given job
    2. The print size or size required of completed file
    3. The colour separation, in case if it is different from the file sent
    4. The format you want for the completed jobs. (We provide completed files in .ai, .psd etc.)

    (For digitizing jobs)
    Simply email us the file along with clear instructions viz.,

    1. Your realistic budget and timeline in which you want us to finish the given job
    2. The required size (e.g. 4 inches wide / 3 inches high etc.) of completed file
    3. Whether you require jump stitches or not
    4. Whether centring out is required or not
    5. Type of fabric it is going on and the location (e.g. left chest of pockets, on a hat, on a cap, jackets etc.) of the logo to be digitized and the colour separation, if any is required. The more clear and precise the instructions are, there will be very few or no revisions at all.
    6. The format you want for the completed jobs. (We provide completed files in .Emb, Hiroka(.dat) .vep , .SAS, tajima.DST, Melco.EXP, .CND, .DSB ,etc.)
  • How would I come to know whether the artwork that I sent is approved for processing?
    We would reply to you vide an e-mail in case of any discrepancies or if further clarification is required as soon as possible and in case if any detailed discussions are required, our customer service would get in touch with you over call or email.
  • In how much time will I get the completed job? What will be your Turn Around Time?
    We normally take anywhere between 24 to 36 hours to complete the job depending upon the size of the job provided that, the artwork or the raw file sent to us is as per the desired quality and has complete instructions so that we can work on it after some of the pre-checks carried out by us.
  • What is the deadline for a Rush hour job?
    Acceptance of a rush hour job is at the sole discretion of the company. However, every client is important for us. Hence, we put in our best efforts to complete the same within a time span of 4 to 6 hours or more post receipt of the clear instructions and file for the jobs to be done depending on complexity of the job received.
  • Is there any extra charge on the job price over and above the quote/estimate received?
    For our Overseas Clients:
    We may levy a minimal charge of up to 5% on the job price as part of the payment gateway charge or the payment processing charge and order processing charge depending on type of the job received. And, the rest is borne by us.

    For our Domestic Clients:
    No additional charge will be applicable for payments made via net banking / Cheque. We do not accept CASH payment.

    The payments made through cheque, would be considered subject to realization. (In case of cheque bounce / returned due to any reason, the charges for the same will be borne by the customer.)

    All our domestic and international clients can transfer the payment vide SWIFT code to our bank account mentioned in our invoice.

    For international customers, payment transfer through SWIFT is subject to a minimum of $100. (Since, it would be very costly for our clients abroad to SWIFT transfer the small amount of payments)

    The company reserves the rights to charge any additional statutory levies as may be applicable from time to time depending on the local and international laws. Any such additional charges will be communicated to the customer PRIOR to the acceptance of order for processing.

  • Is the client required to pay any advance so that we can proceed on the job sent?
    For our overseas clients we DO NOT require any advance payment for small jobs. The client needs to pay before the final delivery of completed jobs.

    However a project for USD 50 and above 50% advance is required to be paid by the overseas clients.

    The domestic clients will be required to pay 50% advance for all jobs above INR 2,000/-.

Files Formats accepted for jobs to be completed:

  • Does this theme come pre-translated into any other Languages?
    We accept the following file formats. .eps or .ai, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .pdf, .cdr, .psd
  • Do we accept vector art format for digitizing jobs?
    Yes you can send us a vector file as well. If you send us in Adobe Illustrator (.ai), please ensure you convert the artwork from text to curves first otherwise we will not be able to read the same font you have sent in case if those are paid fonts.
  • Do we sell designs and files already done for someone else?
    NOT AT ALL. We honour the privacy and exclusivity of our clients the most and hence, we do not offer the same design we have already done for someone else until the client demands / request us to share at their own discretion. We hope you would appreciate our concern and effort for privacy of our clients.

    However, we may have some ready exhibits to display which will be made available for sale which would include Vector logos, Design templates etc. Such designs may be sold to multiple clients.

  • How many options do we offer for a not so complex artwork or a logo?
    We normally allow up to 3 options for a customer to choose from which make their way through our quality checks and scrutiny as per the client requirement. You can ask more but you may need to pay extra. The same shall be communicated to the client accordingly if required.
  • Do we charge for edit or revision basis the client feedback?
    We do not charge for a revision provided the same has been sent to us within 48 hours of the completed file sent to the client and the same is not a complete rework but only some editing work / revision to suit the requirement of the client’s customer.

    MAJOR changes will amount to fresh job and will be charged accordingly.

  • Do we have backup for the completed jobs sent to the client?
    Since we would be sending the completed file on email you would have a backup and additionally we keep the files for 60 days under standard encrypted storage devices with us. Post the time period of 60 days we won’t be able to fetch the same unless we are specially instructed by a client to store it for longer, and the client will have to get it done afresh.
  • Do I need to specify the fabric on which the digitizing is going to be done?
    Each digitizing file is made keeping the type of fabric in mind. Various parameters like the density of the fabric, underlay etc. is to be addressed by a digitizer while making the file. Hence, it would be advisable to the client to specify the type of fabric and the location for the same as well.

    e.g. A xxx logo 2 inches high and 3 inches wide going on left of chest on cotton t-shirt.  Etc..

Pricing and Payment:

  • What are the Charges for digitizing jobs ?
    We charge basis the stitch count.
  • What are the Charges for vector jobs ?
    ­We charge for vector jobs basis the following criterion.

    • Artwork which has simple fonts and is a black and white or single colour (Requires up to Half an hour)
    • Artwork which has simple fonts but has 2+ colours in it. (Requires up to 1 Hr)
    • Artwork which is difficult and has 2+ colours (Requires more than 2 Hrs)
    • For Custom jobs, charges vary from job to job
  • How do I pay for the job?
    We will be sending you a Paypal invoice which has a link. You will be able to pay by clicking on that link. Additionally, there will be a link on our website soon wherein you can pay by clicking on that link.
  • Do I need to mention any additional details while making payment?
    In order for us to identify your payment we urge you to please mention the job name / job number allocated and the invoice number as a reference.
  • When am I required to pay?
    We will be sending a preview file for you to verify the content and, post your approval we will send you a Paypal link to pay along with the Invoice. Once the payment is received, we shall email the completed job.
  • Do we only have Paypal as the payment option?
    It is our endeavour to facilitate the client on every step of interaction with us. Gradually, we are planning to tie-up soon with major payment merchants from time to time and the same shall be notified on our website.
  • Who are eligible for 50% off on a trial job offer?
    You can check out our work at a discounted rate. Pay just 50% for a job with up to 5000 stitch count provided you send in your order from your company’s registered email id which also has your company’s domain name in it. For e.g.

    *For artwork: 50 % off available on Simple fonts/logos and simple 2+colour Art work   logos.